19 December 2010

Bicycles, Snow, Christmas

Bicycles, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Chairopoulou.
This is the view in my apartment building's courtyard.  Judging by the quantity of snow on the saddles, these bikes haven't been anywhere in days. Their riders will have to wait around in the freezing cold like the rest of us for the tram to get into town to do their last minute Christmas shopping.  Having said this, however, one sees exactly the same view in August when there is no snow.  It's a good job I don't own a bicycle: I wouldn't have anywhere to store it outdoors.  I wonder why these people own bicycles they rarely use?

One good thing has come out of this.  As a mere pedestrian, I am (for the time being, at least) not in mortal danger from cyclists who speed at breakneck speed along the pavements
, in blatant contravention of the law.  They expect, nay demand, that pedestrians get out of their way immediately,  as if they have exclusive use of the pavement.  In this weather, walking speed is once again the norm on Berlin's pavements.  End of rant.

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