My life agenda

"Life is short" is a cliche that is often articulated without much due thought.  But at some point in your life, you suddenly come to the realisation that there is much truth in this seemingly trite expression.  This blog is in some small way a means of retarding the final onslaught.  

Also, as a fledgling historian, it somehow seems important to leave behind a record for posterity; previous generations lived through exciting (for us) times yet the historical evidence that has come down to us is tantalisingly incomplete - we can only speculate about the gaps and wonder why no one from the past bothered to immortalise those events.

Samuel Beckett saw human life as merely a stay of execution between birth and death; what lies beyond these two boundaries was to his mind where the real essence is to be found.  

My Weltanschauung is not quite so dark and human agency can achieve wonders if there is the will to do so.  I intend to achieve as much as I can before the executioner decides it's time to throw the switch.
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