What I do

  • Active team member in the Rat Race, full time, 9-5
  • Help the kids with homework
  • Domestic activities (i.e. "housework")
  • Feeble attempts to learn more German
  • Sporadic forays into the the world of health and fitness
  • Philosophising (excessively) about what is happening around me and the world at large
  • Whine about the noisy neighbour in the flat above me - because silence is golden and I value the merits of domestic peace (yes, I'm getting old)
It seems I have ordered my list according to time spent on these activities but they are all equally important to me.

Incidentally, why "squeaky door" as a title?  I'll give you a little clue.  If you are familiar with Jane Austen and the domestic arrangements she had when writing her novels, then you will understand the allusion.

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