1 February 2011

Ostbahnhof traveler

Disaffected customers of Berlin's S-Bahn have been known to express their feelings about late trains, overcrowding and cancellation. You sometimes see them at the top of the platform and, as the train comes to a halt right next to them, they make an exaggerated show of looking at their watches. A gesture that is not lost on the driver of the train as he looks out of his cabin. Let's face it, though; the drivers aren't the ones in a position to change how the company is organised.

This chap, however, waited ever patiently, scanning the horizon for signs of his train. He never protested nor moved from his spot until his master, having finished off his bottle of beer, called him and they left the station together.

S-Bahnhof Ostbahnhof, Berlin

January 2011

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