4 February 2010

Oh No! Exams!

As an educator and parent, I was tempted to read an article promising to help students revise for exams. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/secondaryeducation/7138982/Ten-top-revision-tips.html). I really should have stayed in the kitchen and descaled the kettle instead.

Lots of really useful tips here!

It helps, of course, if Mummy and Daddy are loaded and can afford to send their progeny to Oxford’s residential courses. (We all know, as well, that a good education is something highly cherished and jealously guarded by the Great and the Good). Then there’s the cramming … um, sorry … ‘revision’ courses providing reinforcement where necessary. A snip at ₤350 per subject. If the young one is a bit bashful about displaying his/her intellectual prowess in front of peers, then a private tutor could be brought in (₤25-₤50 an hour – now there’s an idea for an interesting sideline).

After the hard slog, the candidate will need lots of frequent breaks, plenty of amusing diversions and treats as rewards for good work done i.e. pizza and a video.

I’m sorry to say that the Telegraph’s Top Ten Revision “Tips” should be renamed “Top Ten Revision Hard Sells”: my computer screen turned blue with links from all the “educational” institutes who are falling over themselves to help this year’s batch of sprogs get through exams (without resorting to cheating).

In my day, things were a lot simpler. Not having the benefit of a privileged background (nor come to that, revision nannies, Internet, Oxbridge residential courses, private tutelage), my elders and betters could offer me only one sound piece of advice when it came to preparing for important exams: GET YOUR BOOKS OUT AND START READING!

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