2 October 2008

Let it rain!

Today the heavens opened and it rained like it’s never rained before. It rained that much that the tram system came to a juddering halt. One tram broke down at a stop and twenty others piled up in a row behind it, unable to make any progress. Passengers had to abandon ship and make their own arrangements. For a short time, the road (a major artery out of the city centre) was obstructed as a second tram towed away the disabled one. Some drivers became extremely tetchy and short tempered in the wet weather and were inclined to rely on their car horns more than usual. Particular offenders were those driving vans delivering a specific brand of soft drink. Maybe they get paid according to how many bottles they deliver, so their impatience perhaps is understandable. Drivers, however, of locally manufactured vehicles showed consideration of the inclement weather and waited stoically for the mother of all traffic jams to dissolve.

The radio reports that conditions were much worse to the west in Spandau. The storm brought down a tree, injuring two women.

Luckily today I had my umbrella with me, otherwise I would have been soaked to the skin. I have learned my lesson and now pay heed to what the weather forecast predicts for the next day. They are accurate 99.9% of the time – ignore the forecast at your peril!

No matter what the weather, life goes on. A school party of toddlers was spotted setting off on their school trip this morning. Crowded into a packed tram, fitted out with Wellington boots and waterproof macs, nothing would daunt them. Four lucky little boys (perhaps teacher’s pets?) occupied prime position in a wooden hand cart being pushed by one of the teachers. At least they could get wet without having to walk anywhere.

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Eppie said...

you are lucky! In my part of the world we didn't see rain for ages! it's so hot and uncomfortable.

Have fun!

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