2 September 2010

Dive Bombers in Berlin

Urban Warrior  

What they lack in size they more than compensate for with their belligerence, shameless insolence, and sheer hunger.

Berlin sparrows demonstrate a complete indifference to human presence where food is concerned.

When walking through a square, be prepared to move around a feeding bird on the ground: it won't fly away in fright and you wouldn't want to step on it, would you?

If you see a morsel of hamburger carelessly strewn on the flagstones, give it a wide berth, or else duck low.  Your head will be no obstacle for a diving sparrow on the approach runway.

We could all learn some lessons from these pesky rubbish disposal agents, namely:
  1. Go for it!  Don't be put off by anyone or anything
  2. Who dares wins
  3. And ... don't leave any food on your plate

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